Television News Anchor,  Programme Presenter, Radio Broadcaster, Training Facilitator, and Singer Noeline Honter commenced her career in Broadcasting, as a Relief Radio Announcer at the then Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation, as a teenager in 1969. Later, in 1972, when the country became a republic, the station came to be known as it is in the present day… The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. She operated as a continuity announcer on the Commercial Service, successfully presenting such programmes as ‘The Morning Show’,  ‘The Thought that Matters’, ‘Mailbag’, and a number of request programmes on the ‘All Asia’ transmission as well. She was also a reputed news presenter at SLBC, which later secured her career as one of Sri Lanka’s most awarded Television news presenters. Noeline was also one of the initial presenters at Sri Lanka’s first-ever private radio station, FM 99.

Noeline Honter commenced her very successful Television career in 1980, with the then Independent Television Network, in the fledgeling days of Television in Sri Lanka. With the birth of the State TV channel, The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Noeline Honter was appointed as SLRC’s only full-time Senior English News Presenter and Producer,  in that era.

She was Sri Lanka’s first-ever female TV news personality to cover interviews and news items from the ‘war zone’ at the time, beginning with Mullaitivu in the mid 1980’s.

Noeline Honter has been the official correspondent for The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, at many prestigious international events, including The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, and several presidential tours overseas. She is Sri Lanka’s first television presenter to conduct television interviews with many world leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Canadian P.M. Brian Mulroney, Australian P.M. Bob Hawke, New Zealand’s P.M. David Lange, and Asian leaders Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohammed and Hussein Mohammed Ershad of Bangladesh.

She has also conducted television interviews with a number of internationally famous music legends such as Trini Lopez, Kool and the Gang, Osibisa, Richard Clayderman, Johnny Logan, Latoya Jackson, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) etc.

Sri Lanka’s first-ever live talk show, the award winning, Saturday morning breakfast programme, “Ayubowan”, was hosted by Noeline Honter who combined with two other Sinhala and Tamil presenters for this very popular weekly show. She was the regular English host of the programme since its inception, continuing for over a decade, and sometimes sharing on-camera presentation with Eric Fernando, Arun Dias Bandaranayake,etc .

Noeline’s most recent contribution to the field of television news commenced in 2008, in the role of Executive Producer and Presenter of “Sri Lanka News weekly” a weekly news programme telecast on Channel 31, in Melbourne Australia on Sunday mornings with a repeat telecast on Tuesday evenings. The programme is popular with Sri Lankans and Australians alike. “Sri Lanka News weekly” received the distinction of being nominated for the Australia wide “Antenna TV Awards” in 2009 and 2010, for Presentation skills . Noeline also continues to compere a number of major Sri Lankan expatriate events around the world.

Noeline Honter has received a number of accolades for her outstanding contributions to her chosen fields. To date, she is the winner of, perhaps, the highest number of awards presented to any single personality in the medium of television in Sri Lanka and as a leading singer in the country’s Western music industry. In addition to her large number of awards, in 2014, Noeline Honter received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rupavahini State Awards ceremony, presented by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. (For The Comprehensive List of AWARDS, Go to the listing on “AWARDS”)

Noeline, has also been bestowed with the much coveted state honours – ‘Vishwa Abhimani’ and ‘Kala Visharada’.

In addition to her role as presenter and producer of a number of programmes on television, Noeline has also appeared on a large number of her own music videos on Rupavahini and ITN.

Her annual musical programme “Christmas with Noeline” was featured on Rupavahini for nearly a decade.This popular programme was revived on ITN last year, 2021, entitled “Christmas with Noeline and Friends”.

Noeline Honter is now greatly involved in the field of Television and Broadcast training with particular emphasis on TV News Presentation, Programme Presentation, On- Camera Reporting, Interview Techniques, Voice Production, English Pronunciation and English Communication Skills.

She has formulated and conducted a number of training programmes for The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Swarnavahini, Derana, The Sri Lanka Television Training Institute, and The College of Journalism.

Noeline Honter’s latest venture is the production and presentation of a series of programmes on English Pronunciation training,which will be featured on her YouTube channel shortly.